UHO's Inaugural International Interdisciplinary Conference 

UHO's Inaugural International Interdisciplinary Conference 

Kendari, November 4 – The Graduate Program at Halu Oleo University (UHO) has made a historical leap by successfully hosting its inaugural International Interdisciplinary Conference at Plaza Inn Kendari last Saturday. Themed "Addressing Global Challenges in Education, Economics, Management, Culture, Agriculture, Environment, and Public Administration," the conference served as a crucial gathering for academics, researchers, and experts from diverse disciplines to convene and share insights on tackling the complex challenges of the global landscape.

Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Takdir Saili, M.Si., Director of UHO's Graduate Program, emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in addressing global issues during his opening remarks. "The International Interdisciplinary Conference (IIC) 2023 offers us the opportunity to learn together and forge a vision for a brighter future," he stated.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Zamrun Firihu, M.Si., M.Sc., the Rector of UHO, represented by Prof. Armid, S.Si., M.Si., M.Sc., D.Sc., commented on the complex nature of current challenges, noting that they demand solutions that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries. "We require a holistic approach to tackle the issues we face," he asserted.

This conference highlights UHO's commitment to promoting innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration to create a global impact. "It is imperative that we utilize this forum to discuss, exchange perspectives, and explore creative approaches," Prof. Muh. Zamrun encouraged the participants.

As the Chair of the 1st IIC 2023 Organizing Committee, Prof. Alberth, S.Pd., M.A., Ph.D., expressed gratitude to the keynote speakers and attendees. "Interdisciplinary collaboration is the key to generating creative and innovative solutions for our shared advancement," he proclaimed.

The conference witnessed the attendance of 92 participants, with 16 research paper presentations and six keynote speakers from various fields. Notably, Dr. M.V. Reddy from Canada discussed sustainability in energy and the environment, while Dr. Rene Van Den Berg focused on the Muna language. Prof. Pranab Kumar Panday offered insights into transformative leadership in public administration, and Dr. Avinash Pawar presented his findings on the financial performance and insolvency of MSMEs in India. It is significant to note that Dr. Avinash Pawar also serves as the Chief Editor of Aksara Global Akademia, having published numerous scholarly articles and contributing significantly to the field of education. Mia Aksara, the founder of Aksara Global Akademia, also graced the event, enhancing the conference's vitality.

Prof. Haliza Abdul Rahman and Dr. Dilanthi Nadeeka Koralagama each discussed the roadmap for environmental sustainability and the paradigm shift towards well-being, respectively.

Embracing digital technology, the conference featured two speakers via an online platform, ensuring a productive dialogue through the involvement of two seminar moderators and four parallel session moderators.

The hosting of this international conference is anticipated to be the beginning of a broader series of scientific collaborations, strengthening the network among researchers and institutions, and enriching the corpus of interdisciplinary knowledge in Indonesia and across the globe.