Major General Dr. Priyanto, S.IP., M.Si (Han)

Major General Dr. Priyanto, S.IP., M.Si (Han), Releases Groundbreaking Book "DEFENSE MANAGEMENT STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT"

In a significant contribution to the world of defense management and strategic leadership, Major General Dr. Priyanto, S.IP., M.Si (Han), a distinguished officer with a long-standing dedication to his nation, has recently published a groundbreaking book titled "DEFENSE MANAGEMENT STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT." This remarkable work has been published by CV. Aksara Global Akademia IKAPI Member: 414/JBA/2021.

The book delves into the critical need for strong leadership and rapid adaptability within defense organizations in today's dynamic world. Major General Priyanto underscores that many companies suffer from inadequate leadership, and there is a universal demand for capable leaders. This leadership deficit affects not only the corporate sector but also government institutions, educational establishments, non-profit organizations, and, most notably, defense organizations.

"DEFENSE MANAGEMENT STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT" explores various leadership styles and their impact on followers. It emphasizes the role of a leader's worldview, talents, and character in shaping their leadership approach. Major General Priyanto emphasizes the necessity of controlling leadership approaches to avoid the pitfalls of negative leadership, characterized by arrogance and ineffectiveness. Negative leaders often mistakenly believe that their authority alone can motivate others, hindering teamwork and organizational success.

The book recognizes the critical importance of effective leadership in fostering employee and subordinate engagement, particularly in an era marked by advancements in knowledge and increased independence. Readers will find valuable insights that not only teach them about leadership in action but also inspire them to overcome challenges in their own leadership journeys.

"DEFENSE MANAGEMENT STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT" delves into the unique leadership styles that are most effective in defense organizations. Major General Priyanto discusses the ways in which leaders in these organizations wield their power and influence. He explores three primary leadership styles: autocratic, participative, and detached, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. While leaders may demonstrate aspects of all three styles, one typically predominates, shaping the organizational culture and outcomes.

In conclusion, this book by Major General Dr. Priyanto, S.IP., M.Si (Han), serves as an essential resource for anyone interested in leadership, particularly within defense organizations. It highlights the significance of leadership in enhancing teamwork through the establishment of trust. Major General Priyanto's extensive knowledge and experience shine through in this insightful work, making it a valuable addition to the field of defense management and strategic leadership development.(MA)