Be A Good Leader in The Global Recession Era

Author: Dr. Budi Pramono, S.IP., M.M., M.A., (GSC)., CIQaR., CIQnR., MOS., MCE., CIMMR

Editor: Mia Aksara

ISBN: 978-623-8049-42-4

Size Book : 15.5 X 23 cm, IX + 185 pg

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First printing, @April 2023

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In times of global economic turmoil, leadership plays a critical role in steering organizations towards success. Dr. Budi Pramono's book, "Leadership: Be A Good Leader in The Global Recession Era" provides insightful perspectives on how leaders can navigate through challenging times and emerge stronger.

Drawing from his extensive experience as a leader and academician, Dr. Pramono offers practical strategies and tools for leaders to manage uncertainty, optimize resources, and maintain employee morale. His book also highlights the importance of building strong relationships with employees, customers, and business partners to weather the storms of global recession.

As a reader, you will find this book to be a valuable resource that provides guidance and inspiration to lead with confidence and resilience in the face of adversity. Dr. Pramono's practical insights and comprehensive approach make this book a must-read for leaders at all levels. I highly recommend " Leadership: Be A Good Leader in The Global Recession Era " as an essential addition to your leadership toolkit.


Mayjen TNI Dr. Budi Pramono, S.I.P., M.M., M.A., (GSC)., CIQaR., CIQnR., MOS., MCE., CIMMR. 

Mayjen TNI Dr. Budi Pramono, S.I.P., M.M., M.A., (GSC)., CIQaR., CIQnR., MOS., MCE., CIMMR. was born in the city of Sidoarjo in 1967. He earned a Master of Art, in security and strategy studies from Hull University in the United Kingdom (1998) and a Master of Management from the University of National Development Veterans in Jakarta (2005). He achieved a doctorate in Political Science with an outstanding predicate when he held the rank of colonel in the military. After graduating from the Magelang Military Academy (1988), he served in the army strategic command (KOSTRAD) for ten years before entering the field of intelligence (BAIS).

The author has extensive experience attending various Military Education courses, including Regimental Officer Advanced Course (SUSLAPA - II) in Australia (1996), National Security Intelligence Training Course in Taiwan (1999), Command and General Staff College, School of General Staff and Command in Manila (2001), where he received the best graduate award (Honor Graduate), the United Nations logistics Course at Port Dickson (2002), Austfamil Course at Lavertoon Australia (2003), and Emergency Management Australia Course (2004).

Currently, he is an Associate Professor at the Republic of Indonesia Defense University, where he dedicates his spare time to implement the principles of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education."