International Class

MG Dr. Budi Pramono Empowers Students in Study Program of Defence Diplomacy (International Class) to Analyze COVID-19 and Global Foreign Policy 

Jakarta, August 9, 2023 - MG Dr. Budi Pramono, a prominent academic and practitioner in the fields of defense and international relations, recently conducted an insightful teaching and guidance session for dozens of master's students enrolled in the Defense Diplomacy Program at the University of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia. The focal point of this session was a captivating and pertinent issue: COVID-19 and Global Foreign Policy Analysis.

On a recent Wednesday, the students displayed exceptional enthusiasm and engagement as MG Dr. Budi Pramono shared his perspectives. The discussion centered around how COVID-19 has transformed from a health crisis to impacting international peace and security, as well as challenging globalization and multilateralism, while introducing regionalism as a potential solution, provided that regional countries collaborate rather than dispute.

The students actively participated in discussions, posed challenging questions, and collectively analyzed the complex dynamics of the topic. MG Dr. Budi Pramono's extensive expertise and experience not only facilitated their understanding of the material but also ignited stimulating academic discourse.

The key points of this session encompassed the understanding that COVID-19 has emerged as the most significant shock to global politics and the global economy, affecting diverse sectors, including international relations. The discussion also delved into post-COVID-19 global threats such as inflation, disruptions in supply chains, China's Belt and Road Initiative (OBOR), and the evolving geopolitical landscape.

"COVID-19 is more than just a health crisis. It has triggered remarkable impacts on world politics and the global economy. Overcoming this crisis requires efforts at both the national and regional levels. Despite the potential for regional cooperation, major countries tend to engage in conflict rather than collaborative responses," emphasized MG Dr. Budi Pramono during the session.

The insightful analysis presented by MG Dr. Budi Pramono led to the conclusion that humanity requires strategies from both the national and regional levels to address the consequences of the pandemic. However, the current focus on national interests among countries, including major ones, hampers the establishment of effective regional responses. The lesson learned is that successful crisis management necessitates substantial government investment, collective consideration of short-term and long-term policies, and the significance of nurturing collaboration among major global actors.

The students left the session with a deeper understanding of the intricate connections between COVID-19, global foreign policy, and their impacts on various aspects of international relations. Undoubtedly, MG Dr. Budi Pramono's guidance contributes to their intellectual growth and analytical abilities, equipping them to become skilled future leaders capable of addressing complex global challenges.(MA)