Energy Security &  International Affairs

MG Dr. Budi Pramono Explores the Complexities of Energy Security and International Affairs 

Jakarta, October 20, 2023 - MG Dr. Budi Pramono, SIP., M.M., M.A., (GSC)., CIQar., CIQnR., MOS., MCE., CIMMR. has returned to the international stage with a thought-provoking lecture on "Energy Security & International Affairs." The event, which took place in Jakarta.

The chosen topic, "Energy Security & International Affairs," is profoundly pertinent to the current global landscape. The world's growing reliance on energy resources, coupled with intensifying competition for access to these resources, has positioned energy security at the forefront of international security issues. Geopolitical changes, instability in energy-producing regions, and the ongoing threat of climate change have all played a part in reshaping the dynamics of global diplomacy and security.

In his lecture, MG Dr. Budi Pramono emphasized that "Energy Security & International Affairs" is not merely about protecting a nation's energy assets. It's a multifaceted issue that encompasses safeguarding vital areas, ensuring the security of populations, preserving ideological integrity, and managing border security in regions that directly border other nations. Energy is recognized as a fundamental requirement for improving the well-being of the global population, reducing poverty, and facilitating sustainable development.

Energy security, in line with the wisdom of noted experts like Poernomo Yusgiantoro and organizations like the World Bank and the Institute of Energy Economics Japan (IEEJ), is defined as the sustainable production and use of energy at reasonable costs to foster economic growth and enhance the quality of life for people worldwide.

MG Dr. Budi Pramono delved into various aspects of energy security during his lecture:

The lecture concluded by stressing that energy security is now a primary concern for both developed and developing nations. It shapes contemporary international relations in ways that transcend the strategic and geopolitical dimensions of energy security. International diplomacy and cooperation with energy-producing nations play a crucial role in enhancing national self-reliance in the energy sector.

The resources for this lecture are drawn from the material presented on October 19, 2023, and offer an invaluable source of knowledge and insights into the complexities of energy security and its interplay with international affairs. MG Dr. Budi Pramono's lecture provided valuable insights and lessons learned, emphasizing the need for strategic planning and international cooperation in this critical arena.(MA)