Dr. Ir. Kasih Prihantoro, S.E., M.M., M.Tr.Opsla., M.Tr.(Han)., MOS., MCE., IPU., ASEAN Eng.

Dr. Ir. Lukman Yudho Prakoso, S.IP., M.A.P., M.Tr.Opsla., CIQaR., IPU. ASEAN Eng.


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Human Resource Management (HRM) advanced refers to all of the formal processes designed to assist in the management of employees and other stakeholders inside a firm. Human resource management's primary responsibilities include hiring new employees, determining their pay and benefits, and assigning them to open positions. Human resource management's ultimate goal is to figure out how to maximize an organization's output by maximizing its employees' potential. Human resource management is unlikely to undergo major shifts despite the accelerating pace of change in the commercial sector. Human resources is in charge of identifying the organization's talent requirements, posting open positions, interviewing and selecting the most qualified applicants, and offering employment. Human resource management (HRM) is responsible for more than simply hiring new workers; it also handles layoffs when businesses reduce their workforce. Human resources management is also responsible for coordinating orientation programs designed to familiarize new hires with the company's values and procedures. Human resource management, in general, ensures that a company's personnel are productive and happy.

This book would be useful as a college text since it discusses the background of human resource management and then moves on to discuss its principles, theories, practice, research, and job descriptions. The author seems to have two main goals in mind: first, to educate readers thoroughly on HRM, and second, to convince executives to include HRM in their strategic planning. This would free up HR to focus on more strategic initiatives for the company as a whole. To get the most out of this guide, professionals may wish to read it slowly and carefully, chapter by chapter, as if it were a textbook. Human resource management (HRM) professionals seldom agree on anything because of the wide variety of corporate philosophies, functions, and processes. Professionals in the sector will gain a lot from reading this book, according to the abstract.

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Dr. Ir. Kasih Prihantoro, S.E., M.M., M.Tr.Opsla., M.Tr.(Han)., MOS., MCE., IPU., ASEAN Eng.

The author's birthday is January 6th, and he was born in Purbalingga. Holds the position of Dean at the Faculty of Defense Technology at the Republic of Indonesia of Defense University at the present time. Previously served as Dean of the Defense Management Faculty University of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia, Aslog Guskamla Koarmatim, Aslog Lantamal 1 Belawan Koarmabar, Kadismatbek Koarmabar, Danpuspeknubika Kobangdikal, Dankodikdukkum Kobangdikal, Aslog Koarmatim, Dirbin Seskoal, Kadismatal Mabes TNI AL, Kadislitbang Mabes TNI AL.

Has a bachelor's degree in management, a master's in strategy and military operations from the National Defense University, and a doctorate in administration from the University of 17 August 1945 Surabaya. He completed Military Education, Académie navye (AAL) (1988), Seskoal (2003), Dikreg Sesko TNI (2012), and PPRA Lemhanas RI (2017). BT service marks: Jalasena Nararya, SL. Seroja, SL. Kesetiaan VIII, SL Kesetiaan XVI, SL Kesetiaan XXIV, SL. Dwidya Sistha, SL. Kebaktian Sosial. SL. Wira Dharma. SL Wira Nusa. SL Dharma Nusa, SL Dharma Samudra. He was awarded the Medal of Honor Bintang Yudha Dharma Pratama.***

Dr. Ir. Lukman Yudho Prakoso, S.IP., M.A.P., M.Tr.Opsla., CIQaR., IPU., ASEAN Eng.

As Associate Professor at the Republic of Indonesia of Defense University. And he is currently running for the chair of the Department of Defense Economics at the Republic of Indonesia of Defense University. Born in Cirebon, July 1973. Graduated from the Indonesian Naval Academy (AAL) as a Navy Officer with the title of Second Lieutenant of the Korps Elektronik, with Electronic Weapons qualifications, in 1994. Seskoal Military Education Force 47/ 2009. has a bachelor's degree from the Open University Department of State Administration, a master's degree from Hang Tuah University, and a doctorate from the University of 17 August 1945 Surabaya in administration. Koatmatim Escortship Unit, Dishidroos Satsurvey, Diskomlek TNI AL Headquarters, Diponegoro-365 Class Corvette Task Force - Disadal TNI AL, Disenlek Armament TNI AL, Surabaya Naval Academy, MLM Task Force KRI Fatahila-361 - TNI AL, Center for Research and Development Strahan-Balitbang Kemhan RI, Pokgadik Kodik Kartika Mesh Krida Goodwill Shipment to Australia, Comparative Study to Malaysia, Manning of Communication Equipment in Nanjing, China, Exocet MM40Block II, IFF, Spare Parts Exocet Bloc III in France, Combat System in the Netherlands, Navigation System in Germany, KFX/IFX Project Inspector in the UK, and Singapore Maritime Security Seminar. Doing well in school Hidroos was the best graduate of Dikpafung II in 2002. Loyalty VIII, XVI, Year XXIV, and Jalsena Nararya are all things he has done. ***