Regional and Global Security

MG Dr. Budi Pramono Highlights the Importance of International Cooperation in Addressing Resource Shortages (Water Security, Food Security & International Relations)

On October 5th, 2023, MG Dr. Budi Pramono, Associate Professor at Republic of Indonesia of Defense University, delivered a lecture in an international class on "Water Security, Food Security & International Relations." In his presentation, he emphasized how the scarcity of resources, especially water and food, impacts the dynamics of international relations and the urgency of cross-country cooperation.


This diplomacy can serve as a win-win solution, where the supplying country gains economic benefits, while the receiving country achieves food and water security. 


Early anticipation and collaboration between countries can prevent tensions and conflicts. 

MG Dr. Budi Pramono underscored the importance of multilateral cooperation in addressing food and water security issues. International organizations and multilateral forums can serve as effective platforms for discussions and collaborative actions.


By uniting, countries can develop sustainable and efficient joint solutions. 


Cross-sector collaboration can expedite the achievement of effective and inclusive solutions. 

Conclusion: In an increasingly interconnected world, international cooperation is no longer optional but a necessity. When faced with global challenges such as food and water security, synergy between countries and non-state actors can ensure the world's sustainability and peace.(MA)

(Source: Lecture by MG Dr. Budi Pramono in the International Class on "Water Security, Food Security & International Relations," dated October 5th, 2023).