Implementation of Cases within the Defense Sector


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"Materials Science and Engineering: Implementation of Cases within the Defense Sector" is a book that focuses on a profound exploration of materials science and engineering — a field that encompasses the study of the structure, properties, and applications of materials in various technical and scientific contexts. The author takes readers on an intriguing journey through the fundamentals of materials science and how they are processed, designed, and applied in various technologies and products we use daily.

In the initial chapters, the book explains the basic concepts of materials science, such as atomic structure and chemical bonding, as well as the classification of materials into metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites. Subsequently, the author delves deeper into materials processing technology, explaining how changes on a micro scale can affect the properties and behavior of materials on a macro scale.

The book then transitions to the practical applications of materials science and engineering, discussing how materials are selected and designed for specific applications in various industrial fields, including automotive, aerospace, and, of course, military. There is an in-depth explanation of how innovative materials and advanced engineering techniques are used to develop more effective and efficient protection, weapons, and other systems in a military context.

Case studies discussing the development of new materials, such as self-healing materials, nano-materials, and smart materials, are introduced to give readers insight into the challenges and latest advancements in the field. Discussions involving the role of materials in sustainability, the environmental impact of materials processing, and efforts towards developing more environmentally friendly materials also form an integral part of the book.

"Materials Science and Engineering" offers a comprehensive and detailed view of the world of materials, creating a valuable resource for students, engineers, researchers, and anyone interested in understanding and applying materials science in the development of future technologies. This book combines robust scientific theory with real-world applications, bridging the gap between academic research and industrial and military applications of materials science and engineering.


Dr. Ir. Sovian Aritonang, S.Si., M.Si, Currently, the author serves as the Head of the National Security Program for the Doctoral Defense Science Program at Indonesia's National Defense University (Unhan RI). Previously, he served as a lecturer in Energy Resilience, Head of Defense Industry, Head of Propulsion Technology, and Head of Weaponry Technology in the Faculty of Defense Technology. In his military position, he serves as a Middle Officer with the rank of Colonel of Health in the Air Force. He has a background in Pure Physics from USU (1993) and was awarded as an “Exemplary Student” in 1993, graduated with a Master of Science (M.Si) in Biomaterial Physics from the University of Indonesia, and a Doctor (Dr) in Bio Material Engineering from the University of Indonesia (UI).

In addition to general education, his military education includes: Human Centrifuge (HC) equipment courses in Late Coere, France in 2000, Physiological Training Officer courses at Lakespra Saryanto, SEKKAU Force 80, SESKOAU Force 48 in Lembang Bandung, West Java. His international service includes countries like France, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Korea, USA, and Switzerland.

In carrying out the Tri Dharma as a lecturer, the editor has so far published more than 40 ISBN-titled books as the primary author and in collaboration, 40 Copyrighted Scientific Papers, and 4 patented scientific industrial works (as inventor 1). He has published numerous articles in international and national journals indexed in Scopus and Sinta. He often becomes a speaker at seminars/workshops and participates in Proceedings and International and National Conferences.

For his contributions in scientific publication, he is currently in the top 5 rankings of Sinta Dikti in the Unhan RI affiliation category. He also successfully won the award as the Best Contribution of Education from the Asia-Africa Excellence Award 2022, organized by D.Y Patil University, Pune-India.