Happy National Teachers' Day

CV. Aksara Global Akademia Wishes Happy National Teachers' Day November 25, 2023

Jakarta, November 25, 2023 – In commemoration of National Teachers' Day on November 25, 2023, CV. Aksara Global Akademia extends its greetings to all teachers in Indonesia. This education-focused company emphasizes the crucial role of teachers in shaping the nation's future generations.

The CEO of CV. Aksara Global Akademia, Mrs. Mia Aksara, stated in a press release, “Teachers are unsung heroes who have made significant contributions to educating and shaping the character and intelligence of our nation's children. We at CV. Aksara Global Akademia wish to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to all teachers in Indonesia.”

In addition to the greetings, CV. Aksara Global Akademia has initiated several programs to support teachers and the educational sector. One of these is an Article Writing Competition for teachers, lecturers, and students looking to enhance their academic qualifications. This program is expected to make a tangible contribution to improving the quality of education in Indonesia.

The company also organizes a series of webinars and workshops aimed at providing new insights and skills for teachers, enabling them to continually evolve in innovative and effective teaching methods.

At the end of the press release, Mrs. Mia Aksara added, “We are committed to ongoing support and collaboration with the academic community in enlightening our nation. Happy National Teachers' Day, continue to be an inspiration to the young generation of Indonesia.”

National Teachers' Day is an important occasion to remember the services and dedication of teachers. CV. Aksara Global Akademia, through its activities, demonstrates a strong commitment to supporting education and educators in Indonesia.