General Lecture by Dr. Budi Pramono: Enhancing Students' Competence

General Lecture by Dr. Budi Pramono: Enhancing Students' Competence in Operational Leadership in the Digital Era 

On January 18, 2024, the School of Economics (STIE) Yasa Anggana, in collaboration with CV Aksara Global Akademia, successfully organized an inspiring general lecture on "Leadership Strategies for Operational Managers in the Digital Era." The event provided valuable opportunities for selected students from the Operational Management 2 Program to discuss cutting-edge ideas about leadership in the digital age.

In addition to gaining valuable insights from Dr. Budi Pramono, several fortunate students also had the chance to actively participate in a discussion session. At the end of the event, they were even given a book titled "Leadership" authored by Dr. Budi Pramono, published by CV Aksara Global Akademia.

Mia Kusmiati, SE, MM, one of the lecturers at STIE Yasa Anggana, hopes that this general lecture will make a positive contribution to enhancing students' competence, particularly in terms of leadership in their roles as operational managers in the ever-evolving business world.

"By bringing Dr. Budi Pramono as a speaker, we hope students can gain new perspectives and in-depth knowledge about leadership strategies that they can apply in the context of operational management in the digital era. We are grateful to CV Aksara Global Akademia for supporting this event and providing students with the opportunity to receive a valuable reference book," said Mia Kusmiati.

It is anticipated that this general lecture will not only be a one-time event but also a catalyst for students to continually develop themselves in the fields of leadership and operational management. Hopefully, the knowledge gained from this lecture will assist students in becoming adept and adaptive leaders in this challenging digital era. (MA)