Authors: Avinash Pawar - Sri Sundari - Mia Kusmiati

ISBN: 978-623-8049-33-2 

15.5 x 23 cm, viii + 145 pg

Cover & Layout: Aksara Publications Team


Publisher: CV. Aksara Global Akademia


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IKAPI member No: 418/JBA/2021

Firts printing @February 2023

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Corporate Strategic discusses the theory behind strategic management as well as the information that is pertinent to the subject. This book emphasizes the significance of strategic management, the role of managers, the several levels of strategy that exist inside companies, the process of strategic decision-making, as well as the formulation and execution of strategies. In addition to that, it offers direction on a variety of issues concerning business and corporate strategies, as well as environment scanning and strategic partnerships. The reader will get an understanding of the underlying concepts, structures, and ideas that are required to create and execute the strategies after reading this book.